Friday, November 21, 2014

Touring Full Sail and Cameron's 21st Birthday Celebration

On day 5 of Amber and Eddie's visit and we started the day early visiting the new church plant started  by a young couple in the same denomination Amber and Eddie are affiliated with.  Since they were in the area they thought it would be nice to offer support by attending.  Adam and Jessie are a nice couple with their work cut out and it was a wonderful way to start our day worshiping with them and the new congregation they are bringing together in Winter Park.

Message title and Adam teaching

After church we headed to Full Sail Campus so Amber and Eddie could see the college, the girls have never seen Cameron's school either and joining us was a friend of Cameron's and her mother Jessica and Carla.

Looking at the various displays of student and teachers works shown throughout the schools buildings

Jessica and Cameron - I was so busy talking I neglected to get a picture of her mother Carla

Display cases of student projects

So with our whole group we began our tour of the campus with Cameron acting as our tour guide and showing us through the many buildings and the back lot area the film students use in completing their work.

Amber and Eddie at one of the back lot building exteriors

Hannah and Lauren

Our group
After our tour we walked over to the Ale House Restaurant and all had lunch before saying our good byes to Jessica and her mother and then heading home.

Amber and Eddie

Hannah and Lauren

Jessica and Cameron

Kevin's mom joined us Sunday evening for dinner and to celebrate - a day early - Cameron's 21st birthday.

Amber and Eddie with Grandma

And so ended another fun day!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day Three and Four of Amber and Eddie's Visit

Friday and Saturday were days we stayed around the house more to get a chance to visit, craft and celebrate my birthday.  On Friday Amber and Eddie offered to watch the girls so Kevin and I could go out for a coffee for my birthday.  Cameron had already headed off for a day of school and I set up a table in the living room with my craft supplies, so the girls could work on projects, including some Amber wants to use for her Christmas table she's decorating in December.

Hannah and Lauren crafting

Hannah getting her toe nails done

Lauren sporting her painted nails
Amber spraying her pine cone decorations gold

So while Kevin and I were out and about the girls crafted and painted nails.  Loving their time with their big sister, Hannah and Lauren spent hours working on their various pieces, and cards.

Enjoying my birthday with my family!!

That evening the kids treated me to presents after dinner of Chinese food from my favorite take out restaurant.

On Saturday we hung out here again crafting, watching movies and just enjoying our time with Amber and Eddie around.

Since moving from California to Oregon, Amber has missed her Chic-Fil-A, so that was lunch

Amber's selfie with Bea

My girls

Loved the time relaxing and visiting at home.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day Two of Amber and Eddie's Visit

I'm slow to post, so I'll do a review of our visit with Amber and Eddie.  I posted our first outing to Cape Canaveral on Wednesday, and then on Thursday while Cameron had to head off to school, we drove over to Down Town Disney.  Our first stop was Portobello's Italian Restaurant for lunch.

There is a lot of construction going on there as they add parking structures and revamp much of the area so most of the walking paths have colorful boards up to guide you around the construction.  It feels a lot like being caught up in a maze and is a bit claustrophobic, but it will make for a much nicer area once everything is done.

Amber and Eddie near the water

Balloon scenic ride

Some of the MANY boarded paths around the construction

Sing to show the plans for this area and that they hope to have it ready by the Spring of 2016

After walking off our lunch we decided to treat ourselves to dessert at Ghirardelli's and had ice cream sundaes - YUM!!!!

We then stopped in a few more stores and headed home to relax and enjoy time together.

Frozen display in one of the Disney stores

My Princesses
I'll post more of their stay tomorrow.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Amber and Eddie Are Here

Arriving in Orlando after a long day of travel - Hannah served as my photographer 

Amber and Eddie have arrived for a visit - YAY!!!  We'll be enjoying their company for the next week.  After leaving early in the morning from Oregon on Tuesday and having a long stop in Chicago, they arrived at the Orlando Airport around 7 pm East Coast time. Kevin and the girls went to pick them up, while I got dinner together and Cameron arrived home from school. Jennifer who was in town for her dad's birthday also stopped over for a chance to say hello and good bye since she had to leave early the next morning.

We had dinner and got a chance to visit for a little bit then called it a night since it had been a long day for Amber and Eddie.

Wednesday morning after breakfast we headed over to Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center.  Cameron had school so he wasn't able to be with us. It was a beautiful day to go, the weather was perfect and we were fortunate that the crowds were really lite.
We bought an annual pass so we can return again with the girls and day passes for Amber and Eddie.

Entrance are to the Kennedy Space Center

Once inside we saw the line of rockets displayed and admired these before we headed over to the bus area for our tour to begin.

The tour drove past the vertical assembly building, rocket platform and the rocket transportation module, before we head to the space program building, where we learned the history of space trials and travel and saw the Apollo rockets that originally allowed for the early tests, moon visits, space station, Hubble telescope and shuttle missions.

Our group tour photo

The bus loading  zone, top left building is the vertical assembly area - a massive building and complex, then on the upper right is a vertical launch pad, again massive in size, but looking rather small at the distance of this photo

Lauren and Hannah by Snoopy 

Eddie and Amber
Moon landing presentation

We then re-boarded the bus and headed to the Shuttle Atlantis building and after viewing the Atlantis, we road a simulator ride designed to give visitors the experience of being on board for the launch of the shuttle. That was quite an experience with the visuals, sounds and the way you felt like you were moving off the launch pad and headed for space.

The Atlantis Shuttle, and upper left the Hubble display

Girls in the simulator and by moon rover, then a closer look at the bay area of the shuttle

After a long, fun day of touring it was time to head home and get dinner and meet back up with Cameron.  Loved our time here at the Space Center.